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Michael J. Jacobson, MD

Allergist Williamsburg VA

Dr. Michael J. Jacobson, MD


According to my mother, I first planned to become a doctor when I was about 5 years old.  My grandfather's passing away from cancer had a profound impact on me, and even then I knew that I wanted to help people when I grew up.

That commitment is still evident when I'm treating patients today. I bring my patients the advantage of advanced training in the treatment of allergy, specialized surgical head and neck procedures, and leading-edge technology for the treatment of sinus disorders.

My solid education and training are crucial, but I believe that personal, compassionate care is just as important. When you trust me with any health concern, you'll be rewarded with a doctor who gets to know you, cares about your well-being, and does everything he can to find the best solutions for you. At the end of the day, I'm proud of the care I provide.

I look forward to helping you and your family.

Dr. Jacobson enjoys playing the violin, singing, golf, tennis and weight-lifting. He's proud of the strong family life that he and his wife have built for their two young children.

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