Why You Should Get Tested by a Hearing Specialist

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A hearing specialist can help diagnose the hearing problems that may be bothering you.

May 15, 2017 by Dr. Kelli Smith, Au. D.

Why You Should Get Tested by a Hearing Specialist

Our hearing is a precious sense, and we might not realize if ours starts to deteriorate. Keep reading for why you should get tested by a hearing specialist.

Is there anything as disorienting as having aching ear pain or hearing loss?

We have already told you about the importance of getting a hearing test, so you should know why getting your ears checked by a professional is necessary when you are experiencing any sort of discomfort or feel like your hearing is deteriorating.

Come along as we go through the reasons why you should get tested by a hearing specialist.

Diagnosing the Problem With Hearing Tests

It would be great to assume that all of your hearing loss can be attributed to something as simple as your sinuses, but you can never be sure.

There could be many different variables as to why you may be experiencing hearing loss so it's extremely important to get the correct diagnosis from a hearing specialist before it is too late. The Hearing Loss Association of America has offered these causes for you to consider:
  • Malformation of outer ear, ear canal, or middle ear structures
  • Fluid in the middle ear from colds
  • Ear infection (otitis media - an infection of the middle ear in which an accumulation of fluid may interfere with the movement of the eardrum and ossicles
  • Allergies
  • Poor Eustachian tube function
  • Perforated eardrum
  • Benign tumors
  • Impacted earwax
  • Infection in the ear canal
  • Foreign body in the ear
  • Otosclerosis

By scheduling a hearing test before jumping to any conclusions, you can get directly to the route of the problem and effectively treat it before any hearing loss becomes permanent.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to be in the front row at all of those loud rock concerts?

And it probably goes without saying, but you should keep those Q-tips away from your ears. They even tell you to keep them away from your ear canal on the box.

But especially as all of the plants begin to bloom this spring, you'll find that your hearing issues may disappear after you take care of what is sending your sinuses into a frenzy.

Stop Your Allergies Dead in Their Tracks

A runny nose may be the last thing you think about when you are trying to diagnose your hearing loss.

If they weren't bad enough, your seasonal allergies may be the cause of all your uncomfortable hearing loss.

As WebMD explains it, your sinuses share the same space as your ears so when your sinuses are clogged you can "have pain, dizziness, and that muffled-ear sensation, like you’re in a descending plane."

So make sure you stop your allergies from taking over before you consult a hearing specialist. It may just be a matter of taking a few pills during the week in

It may just be a matter of taking a few pills during the week in order to gain your hearing.

if you do not notice any difference, you may need to ask your hearing specialist to see if a procedure may help. What procedure may you ask?

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty may be extremely helpful especially if your sinuses are adding a painful amount of pressure in your ears.

This discomfort can be due to Sinusitis which is the blocking of the sinus openings caused by inflammation and may cause you to have more sinus infections than normal.

We've told you about this surgery before, but Balloon Sinuplasty is a procedure where doctors insert a small balloon into your nasal cavity in order to stretch out your swollen sinuses.

The regular daily dose of Alegra-D may not cut it when it comes to clearing out your head and this could be a quick solution with long lasting effects.

It probably sounds scary when you read it out loud to yourself. But just think about how great you will feel.

You will be able to participate in conversations without it sounding like you hearing someone speak from underwater and will finally be able to breathe through your nose again.

A Good Night’s Sleep … For Everyone

Let's face it.

When your sinuses are out of control, it can be bad for everyone you live with as far as sleeping is concerned.

woman, girl, bella

Image from Pixabay via claudioscot

Research has concluded that sinusitis has been linked to Sleep Apnea which can cause you have an uncomfortable time sleeping and may keep everyone in the vicinity tossing and turning throughout the night.

If your loud snoring is generating some scorn from your roommates in the morning and your general lack of sleep is catching up with you, Balloon Sinuplasty may be the right move for you.

As much as you may be embarrassed by your loud snoring, you should really consider the long term damage that sleep apnea brought on by obstructed sinuses may cause.

Research conducted by the Sleep Foundation found that "Obstructive sleep apnea, or simply sleep apnea, can cause fragmented sleep and low blood oxygen levels. For people with sleep apnea, the combination of disturbed sleep and oxygen starvation may lead to hypertension, heart disease and mood and memory problems."

So make sure if you ever feel like your sinus pressure is cause sleep apnea, make sure to consult your hearing specialist to see what preventative measures you can take.

It will make you and everyone around you happier in the long run.

But as helpful as this procedure can be for your overall health, you should really make sure that any issues dealing with your hearing are properly identified.

Don't Wait Any Longer - Get Tested by a Hearing Specialist Today

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Hampton Roads ENT - Allergy has a roster of professional providers and specialists can help you pinpoint your hearing problems.

It is better to be safe than sorry and without getting checked there is a good chance of suffering from permanent hearing loss without properly diagnosing the problem.

A hearing specialist can help you determine the best next steps.

Click Here to set an appointment with one of our providers.

As we have learned, there can be many causes for hearing loss and discomfort so make sure you see a hearing specialist who can tell you the next steps to take to get you back on track.

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